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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Best Joke I know to slap someone :P

A pimp is sitting in a backstreet waiting for his THREE (make sure you emphasize the 'three') hoes to come back for the night. After a long wait, the first one finally arrives.

The pimp says "Hey you're late! Anyway - you owe me $100, so pay up..."
The hoe replies "Umm I'm pretty sure it was only $70..."
The pimp slaps the hoe and says "Don't correct me bitch!"

Just after this the second hoe comes around the corner.
The pimp says "Hey you took your time... now pay up... you owe me $150!"
The hoe replies "No, it was only $100 i owed you..."
The pimp slaps the hoe and says "Don't correct me bitch!"

The third hoe then suddenly comes around the corner...
The pimp says "Hey Hey.. get over here.. you owe me $300 so gimme the money..."
The hoe replies "What? I only owed you $220!"
The pimp again, slaps the hoe and says "Don't correct me bitch!"

Then the fourth hoe comes around the corner...
(At this point, someone you're telling the joke to should point out "But I thought you said there we're only three hoes..." - Slap them and say "Don't correct me bitch"


Anonymous said...

what if it was a guy who spotted that mistake?

mr.ular said...

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