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Monday, May 28, 2007

Funny Darth Vader

Now this is what I call

Star Wars Humor


You all know Darth Vader from Star Wars , but did you know he's gone wild :P =)) Check this funny Darth Vader picture listed below and you'll have a laugh .

Darth Vader Funny

Funny Darth Vader

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Funny Avatar Gif

Whether you are a member of a forum or want to have a nice blog profile , you should most definitely consider having a nice gif animation as a profile picture so that you would impress a nearby visitor with a funny avatar of gif format.

Humor will do its job very well . Probably you might ask yourself why choose animation over static image for an avatar ?

Funny Avatar Gif

Avatars are pictures or animations that you can assign to profiles in order to bring light and collor to a page. A funny avatar will most likely entertain your visitors and make them relax and enjoy reading your profile , forum or blog post or just a particular page .
Gif files are a great choice for avatars as the file size is usually smaller due to the gif file compression and specifications . It will load much faster . Indeed there is a downside as gif files allow only 256 collor display so your average avatar might look funny but this is the point to have a funny avatar in gif format.

Funny Avatar in Gif format

For example the avatar above is a relatively small one and is a great choice for funny avatar as its humor will most likely entertain anybody.

Funny gif avatar

Make sure to get your Halloween Avatars set for October!

Funny avatar gif

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