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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Funny Hands

Funny Hands

Funny Hands

Funny Hands

Decided to offer these amazing pictures that show those cool hand figures that we all used to make sometime . Make your hand like a dog , or like an eagle . It's very funny. Well humor is not all here as these hands are also painted and so the humor also becomes expressive. Below are a bunch of pictures and photos of Funny Hands as those hands that mimic different animals are funny.

Funny Hand of Hawk
(Funny Hand that is painted like a hawk)

Jaguar like Funny Hands
(Funny Hand that is painted like a jaguar, you can almost feel the animal :P)

Funny Looking Hands

Some other funny looking hands photos are listed below:

A funny hand
(This is one funny hand.)

Dog lookalike funny hand
(Dog lookalike funny hand).

Reply here with your own new funny hands if you know some other animal impressions.

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