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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Funny looking costume

Here is a funny costume idea for kids that you can make at home. You'll get a funny looking kid in a can full of worms , you're prone to start some laughs as this costume won first and Grand Prize at a Halloween funny costume contest.

A funny looking costume for kids
(cool funny costume for your kid)

Breathalyzer funny looking costume for men is an ideal solution to entertain your friends at a party. It's just funny , see for your self the picture below.

Funny looking men costume idea , a costume party can't miss this funny costume

(funny costume idea for parties)

And for the Ladies the Kissing Booth funny costume , that I bet it's a lot of fun at parties.
Check this photo:

for the ladies a funny costume that says I'm available yet not , in your face, it can be fun

(a lady costume that is funny looking and fun)

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