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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Amazint Picture - Amazing Video Games Collection

These Amazing pictures can proove one thing , indeed there is a person more addicted to games (video games) then me. I wouldn't believe it possible before I have seen these picture.

Anyway this collection is huge , when we talk about game addiction we should probably ask first the owner of this big collection. He has everything , every game console known to man kind (PS2 / XBOX / PSP / PSX / DC / GBA / PSP / Nintendo DS and much more) and bought an impressive games collection (even though most might by doubles but on different game platforms).

Amazing addicted-to-games - PS2 / XBOX / PSP / PSX / DC / GBA / PSP / Nintendo DS

Funny game-addicted

Picture game addiction -fun overview

Photo showing game consoles addicted

Cool game library thousands

Awesome game library thousands upon thousands

playstation 2 ps2 PS2 Play Station II game console fan

Microsoft xbox game collection amazing video games

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