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Friday, October 27, 2006

Funny Picture - Photoshopped Animals

Funny Picture - Acrobatic Climber Puppy

Funny Picture - Photoshop of waht wolves do when no one is watching to sheep, this is a well done photoshopped picture , a high quality image edited in detail in Photoshop.

Did you ever wonder why wolves eat sheeps ? Well they just get bored of playing with them probably :) . Check out the other cool photoshopped pictures that make this animals look more then funny.

Photoshopped Hot Monkey Chick

This Cat was apparently hungry. With little photoshop knowledge anyone can add font text message to their picture thus making it funny and the final image will be a total masterpiece
This funny picture doesn't have a big trace of photoshop activity , and most likely athe owner just caught his cat near the keyboard and photographed it , but with a photo there always come adjusting , but why adjust red eye and color levels , hue or saturation when you can add a clever and funny message that will make your photoshopped picture speak a thousand words.

Funny Picture done with photoshop latest version with few digital effects and usefull plugins that features a squirl . This is one funny picture

Funny squirl addicted to alcohol and tobaco (cigarettes). Now I guess mankind has an excuse for not beeing perfect :)) .

You know when people say they can tell or at least assume someones character only by looking at his/hers appeareance , well so did you. Just look at this funny photoshopped chip monkey. Photoshop is written all over

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