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Friday, December 15, 2006

Humor - Belgium Fake Revolution

Belgium's fake revolution
Fake TV report sends Belgium into a panic

Belgium Independence Humor

Belgian TV broadcast a fake news program that sent the country into a panic.» Details

A huge phony newscast was reported as the "Flemish parliament has unilaterally declared the independence of Flanders" and it is said that King Albert and Queen Paola had left on the first air force plane available because of this belgium fake revolution that got announced over the news what was actually Belgium Independence Hoax.

There's no revolution in Belgium. Really!

Suddenly and shockingly, Belgium came to an end. State television broke into regular programming late Wednesday with an urgent bulletin: The Dutch-speaking half of the country had declared independence and the king and queen had fled. Grainy pictures from the military airport showed dark silhouettes of a royal entourage boarding a plane.

Frantic viewers flooded the call center of the RTBF.
"Ambassadors who were worried asked what they had to tell their capitals," said Senate Chair Anne-Marie Lizin. "This fiction was seen as a reality and it created a catastrophic image of the country."

The Belgium Independence Hoax was a stunt aired by Broadcasters.

You might imagine that the only people who enjoyed this program that was intended to be humorous in some way were the separatist far-right Flemish Interest party.
Fake TV report sends Belgium into a panic

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