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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Funny Taste

First of all, nope, this isnt a joke...

Just two days ago (12th June), in Japan... they released a new version of Pepsi:

Funny Taste

Thats right, Pepsi.... ice.... cucumber.... : i wonder what tast does the drink have . I bet you too can't wait to taste its flavor , a rather humorous sensory impression i think , but I will hold my comments unti I will get to really taste it . It's Funny that you can see the competition betwen these two big drink manufacturers , and they seem to run out of ideeas on how to beat each other down and take the lead in sales. Taste is a strong point in this battle and either one of the companies could choose a taste that either sounds funny and you just want to try it at least once or something that you think you will switch to.

I think of the taste of cucumber, then I think of the taste of Pepsi... and damn they do not go well together.

OK.. i was a fan of Lemon cola, coke with vanilla, even cherry coke... but this... this seems a little crazy
Whats more, is people have already tried it and they say its disgusting lol

Whats your take on the new flavor?
and while you're here, which do you prefer; Coke or Pepsi?
@ Funny Taste

1 comment:

Tastes said...


However I was always a Coke person. Just the standard stuff. None of these funny flavours mind.

Any drink has the best taste from a can or bottle, but if your in a pub or resturant chilled Pepsi in a glass tastes great!

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