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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Funny - Uganda Safe Sex

HumorSection Funny Picture - Uganda Safe Sex

Can a man have more than one wife and be safe from AID through sex?

Yes, if the man does not have sex with women other than his wives, and if his wives do not have any boyfriends.

If a man is faithful to his wives all his life, and if his wives are faithful to him all of their lives, AIDS cannot be brought into their marriage by sex.

(If a man is faithful to his wives and his wives are faithful to him, they will all be safe from AIDS spread by sex.)

But in some areas in Uganda a man can also have sex with his brother's wife. This practice is not safe because the man may not know how faithful his brother has been or how faithful his brother's wife has been. This is not safe especially if the brother has died of AIDS.

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