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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Jokes - Irish and France Chirac

A couple of Irishmen were drinking in a bar, and decide they want to kick the crap out of France. They call Chirac, and tell him they're going to take over the country. Chirac says they have a standing army of 100,000 and the Irishmen would have no chance. The Irish say “That is a lot. We’re going to think it over and call you back.”

A day passes and the Irish call him back.

“We’ve got O'Grady and his brother from down the road to join the cause, we’re going continue the invasion!”

Chirac says the initial threat spooked him, and he had a draft. The standing army is now 300,000 Frenchmen and 10,000 tanks. The Irishmen are unnerved, and say, “We’re going to mull it over and call you back.”

The next day, the Irish again call Chirac.

“O'Malley and O'Brien are also willing to fight, and they both have tractors to take out your tanks!”

Chirac says the standing army is now at 1,000,000 Frenchmen, 20,000 tanks, and 5000 Airplanes and their pilots as they prepare for war. The Irish put him on hold.

After five or ten minutes, the Irish pick up the line again.

“Chirac, you old dog, we're calling off the invasion. We just don't have the resources to house that many POWs.”

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