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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Funny Picture - Old PC Hardware

Let's talk about old pc hardware.. I think I am not alone in this when I say even with all the respect for the old pcs and old hardware , we find it funny to see a dust personal computer or dusty computers parts or hardware.

I recently got the chance to photograph two hardware pieces : a mouse and what appears to be an old keyboard . I stood for like ten seconds at least with a big wow on my face. It's then when I remembered the good old time that I had playing dos games on my 386 . Also I remembered the trouble my old pc gave me as the hardware become older.

As I looked closely at the mouse I realise it has to be old not only because it was dusty and was put along with other old stuff but firstly because of its square design. I read a long time ago about the first mouse release from Xerox company. That mouse got bought by Bill Gates from Microsoft. Anyway as you probably figured that was a squarish design with only one button and with a lack of style and proper design , so this mouse wasn't that far back old but none the less it was old.

Put right next to it was another computer piece with I didn't knew what to think. It looked like a keyboard but could it be?? Anyway I will call it a keyboard as it had keys and even though it differs a lot from a today's keyboard it is somehow funny to see how things were in the past compared to what we have now. I think after seeing these pictures anyone will apreciate more what he/she has.

Spread the word , and make the pictures seen ;)
(btw I have included pictures of some other old stuff lying around)

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