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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Funny - Racist White Psp coming to europe

Funny Racist White psp (playstation portable) coming to europe

(The new white playstation portable . Is it racist?)

People are too sensitive when in comes to race IMO. Here in the US groups like the ADL and NAACP bitch like mad whenever ads come up with a sterotype they don't like. Where is the white rights group? I don't believe in special privilages for anyone, but there is always one group or another always going around moaning about how they've been wronged. That's my take on the matter.

I think sony probably put out the rumor its racist, for attention. This seems in vain but their plot worked.

The white psp isnt new. It doesn't feature anything new. All it has going for it is a ceramic white face plate. omg its in white. It is not updated or streamlined. They have already made a motherboard change to the old psp and that is about as far as advancement went.

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