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Friday, August 11, 2006

Jokes - Grandma teaches boy not to pick up

Kid learns from grandma not to pick up what's on the ground :

There is this boy and he walks with his grandma down the street to the store. On the way the boy sees a penny, he asks if he can pick it up. His Grandma says, "Whats on the ground you don't pick up." they keep walking and the boy sees a quarter, "wow grandma can i pick up the quater " his grandma replies "whats on the ground we don't pick up.
they go on and suddenly the boy fins a dollar on the ground, "grandma..." Grandma is now a little irritated and says "I already told you, Whats on the ground you don't pick up."

So the boy stops asking if he can pick up money and his grandma is happy so she buys him a banana. the boy finishes the banana and throws the peel behind him.
His grandma who is struggleing with grocery bags slips on the banana peel and falls down.
the grandma looks at the boy and says "Come on please help me up" the boy looks down at his grandma and says, Whats on the ground you don't pick up!

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