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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Turning a pumpkin into a personal computer (pc)

Ilustrated Tutorial Step by Step How to build your pc from scratch on a tunned pumpkin case. (People pay great money to tune their pc to have a unioque one and most of times besides paying for the material they also pay for brand name).

You could even call this extreme pc tunning.

Let's be unique like this person and come up with our own ideea. Mounting this pc seems easy and if you got time I think it is worth it you try it.

Step 6 - Overview of pumpkin pc , indeed this is extreme pc tunning

Step 5 - Mounting the main board inside the pumpkin pc case

Step 4 - Mounting air cooling units

Step 3 - Pc extreme tunning - Drying the pumpkin

Step 2 - Turning a pumpkin into a personal computer - pc extreme tunning

Step 1 - This pumpkin will be turned in a personal computer case

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