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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ant Traps - New food for bumps

You may have heard of people eating dog food or cat food but this is new . I even tricked a kid when I was young that a little dog biscuit was Viagra and gave him and he tasted it lol , but considering to eat ant traps , who would have thought it's actually funny. Forget about funny looking bums (bumps) or funny looking food and read this.

-= Not good for ants with anaphylaxis =-
Ant Traps - New food for bumps , Funny Bumps , Funny food , Gag food

Label Quote:
Ant Trap
Kills Ants
Ants Traps and carry bait back to their nest
usually kills entire colony
Warning: may contain peanuts
Piege a Fourmis
Tue les Fourmis

lol, I know some really poor peoples can eat dog & cat food but eating ant trap food look weird .

Yes indeed if you never heard of this before people could eat just about anything especially bumps . I don't know if you saw the movie Bum fights but it is a violent movie that shows that bums are to make just about anything for some money , a drink or some food to keep them going. Watch out from now on .. The new food for bumps is out in the wild.

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