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Friday, September 15, 2006

Subliminal Messages

Subliminal Messages
The following subliminal messages will just horrify you. Some will amuse you as it's humorous of what messages we are forced to hear in our everyday life.
The general trend as I saw is for satanic sublimal messages to be included in reverse part of the music . Don't knoiw exactly why but that's most disgussing and creepy or horrible.
With my latest searches I recently run of Jeff Milner's Backmasking site: .

Below is a flash animation file from his site with a bunch of top rated music that has been played on major tv programs , radios all over the world and most important in almost all of our homes.

I'll give some names:

Stairway to Heaven
I'm so Tired
Kiss, Kiss, Kiss
My name is...
Pokemon Rap
Empty Spaces
Another one bites the dust
Hit me Baby one More Time
Nature Trail to Hell
Hotel California
Revolution 9
Fire on High

Discovering a subliminal message is not that hard . You need a music editing software that supports mp3 as input and then apply a reverse effect . You then listen the music. However the subliminal message is not always hearable and some times you must increese or decreese the music speed. Also subliminal messages are likely to be found in those mumbling areas of the music , or on the keypoints , because a hidden message there would become more powerfull as it targets the listener when he/she is most vurnerable.

Also take reference to Sublimal Messages at

On the internet you will find all kinds of subliminal messages related materials such as:

Subliminal Persuasion CDs
Hello, greetings and welcome! Tapes, CDs & MPs by Barrie Konicov.
at potentialsunlimited
or Free subliminal messages
& spiral. Pre-made CDs/tapes. Made your way guaranteed effect , available since 1981.
or even hypnotic tapes containing Subliminal Message.

You to can make your music to contain hidden text messages by using subliminal messages software. Achieve anything you want.

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