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Monday, September 18, 2006

Funny - How to crash a PC with a cell phone

You can crash a Dell PC with your cell phone by using what seems to be the latest bug discovered at DELL PC's.

Dell .. Supposely one of the best brands associated with pcs in general. Well you'd think that all the money you spend buying a dell pc is worth it right . Hmm It looks like the giants also have their weaknesses.

Anyway Chris from rickardliljeberg found at work a neat and cool bug (an error in special conditions) . This was reported to work on Dell Optiplex GX520 but it seems it could work on other brand Dell personal computers too. Anyway this video is now viewed all around the world accordingly to their updates. So I decided to post the flash video wich you can also download .

The bug appears when you put your mobile phone close to the cd-rom unit of the dell and then recieve a sms/txt.

What happends is it goes into some sort of suspension mode from which you can't bring it back without breaking power or holding down the power button for four seconds.
Attention: Prepare yourself for a big portion of laughter and the pc for a quick restart . Maybe you can also do this as a gag to a friend or enemy at work.
It seems that this bug was innevitable to be discovered as a cellphone near a computer , even near a dell computer is not so unlikely for you to place near.

But as Rickard puts it the question is: Is it a bug or feature? Dell - Can't you love them for it?

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