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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sublimal Messages

Sublimal Messages is a very controversed subject these days and always was . You can find sublimal messages in television , music and even in books . The whole ideea started from our nature as humans. Many experts agree that sublimal messages are a part of our daily lives and can be found in our gestures all the time . When we talk we send a bunch of signals , some are sublimal and others not so sublimal messages of our state , well being or others.

Sublimal Music Messages are hidden song messages . Usually these kind of text is found by listening the tape backwards . It is believed that a sublimal song message will affect us because a song is listened everyday and when we are more relaxed. Hypnosis as you probably know needs the person that is to be hypnotised to be relaxed in order for it to work. Same here . Anyway if this message hidden deep into the song lyrics and how the song is sang actually gets to be understand by the young seems to be a mistery . You may probably may have seen a lot of movies mocking this issue by showing that sublimal messages can turn you into a mindless zombie . Anyway I think there are a lot of proofs that sublimal text messages actually work.

I will talk about sublimal satanic messages that are found in many songs . Many kids these days are not sane anymore. Their weird , crazy behaivour is obviously because of a strong influence that many think is the hidden messages from your favourit mp3 music.

Queen - We will Rock you

Briteny Spears - Hit me baby one more time

Led Zeplin - Stair Way To heaven
(actually has a sublimal satanic hidden message)

You can be disgussed by this sublimal messages . Can you believe what we are forced to hear in some cases ? And even if some sublimal messages are not as harmfull as others , music will remain the primary target as worldwide is listened by many teens (teenagers) through channels like MTV , music tapes , mp3 mp3s over the internet , iTunes , cd-s or dvds filled with music.

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