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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Funny Amazing - Ultimate laptop or a big flopp


1TB AtomChip® Quantum-Optical Non-Volatile RAM and storage / 6.8GHz AtomChip® CPU (AtomChip® Quantum® II processor) / 2TB Additional AtomChip® Quantum Storage / 12.1" WXGA 1280x800,6:10 TFT Glare Type LCD display with 1.3 Mega pixel camera / Integrated graphic controller [AtomChip® DVM (Dynamic Video Memory) /802.11a/802.11b/802.11g WLAN /Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100/2200BG/2915ABG network connection / Bluetoth (with antenna build-in), GPS (with Bluetooth antenna) / PCMCIA slot x 1 / IEEE1394A x 1 / USB2.0 x 3 / SVGA-out port / Optical Drive: DVD Super Multi / LAN (RJ45) / Modem(RJ11), / Stereo Earphone-out / Built-in two stereo speakers / Built-in Microphone / Interface Ports Front Side:4 in 1 Card reader [SDIO, SD, MS Pro, MS] / Application Launch Key: E-mail,Internet, Capture, WLAN / Pointer: Synaptics touchpad with 4 way scrolling button / Rechargeable Li-Ion battery / Windows XP Professional and Linux / Voice Command / PROMT-Translator (8 languages) / AC Adapter / BOSE Headphone Music System with noise Canceling / Dimensions: 320(W)x242(D)x22(H)mm/28mm (front/back) /Weight around 4.18lb (1900g) when fully equipped.

The expected selling price is $18,500.

if u not belive me go see it 4 u self

the most amusing part is if u watch the memory (solar memory)

well i sure dont plan on buying one! 18000 for a laptop!? are you crazy? who is going to buy it anyways? It says if you read carefully that the computer cant operate at full speed because the operating systems limit its speed, and 4 copies of each operating system need to be installed on the computer just for it to gain a speed boost. I was under the impression that they had hit a wall with 3.7 Ghz though? Why the new 6.8? new designs or something? Or maybe this whole thing is complete bullshit and its really just a high performing rip off of another chip?

If it is for real, i would have to say big flop! The computer isnt really practical, for example, if the operating systems have to be specialized to run on it, what about all the other apps people want to put on, do they have to be specialized too like on a mac?

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