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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Funny Picture - Key to RPG succes

I bet you have seen those "You know you have played to much rpg when you ..." articles but this is to much . Looks like this baby family are addicts in rpg games and he is going to be a born RPG player. No cheats , trainers or character editors will be needed . He will develop easy and grow in stats . I think in his first years will trade items with characters from his class and sometimes will be offered items for free .

Born RPG character winner - clean no cheats , trainers or savegame editors. Dramatially improove your rpg character

Actual character status:

Strength : 3
Intelligence : 6
Wisdom : 3
Dexterity : 3
HitPoints: 2
Experience: 0

This is an easy guide (step by step tutorial) on how to greatly improove your rpg character and gain a big level. I mean life is the guide . How about this mentality ?

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