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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sweet True - End of Windows Monopoly

Be proud......Breaking news!!! Bill gates Challenged by an Indian!!!

Just one INDIAN is challenging against Bill gates...... This is not only ground breaking news; it's space-breaking news indeed.

Ramlal Bhagat, a XII std. student from Haryana UP India, has developed a 32-bit operating system demonstrated to be far superior to any of the desktop operating systems in the market today.

The program has been named "O-Yes". O-Yes provides operating system services on any Pentium-based Personal computer (PC) and does not require MS- DOS as a base operating system. The operating system's capabilities were demonstrated in a student convention at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi,India. HCL Ltd. conducted benchmarks on the system and published results, which are partly reported here: O -Yes is 34% faster than Microsoft's Windows 95 on similar hardware.

It is 29% faster than IBM's OS/2. O-Yes loads 54% quicker than Windows 95 or OS/2. O-Yes has a customizable, user-friendly graphical User Interface (GUI), in which every
program can be accessed with a maximum of two button clicks. The operating system provides plug n play
capability with numerous hardware devices. It has a superior memory management function. The operating system is compatible with Windows 95 & WindowsNT4.0.
HCL, Ltd. has offered an unknown amount to Ramlal Bhagat for purchasing the rights to the software.

Ramlal Bhagat, described as" quiet and philosophical" by is
peers, was not available for comment. Suresh Reddy, spokesman for HCL Ltd., said, "This is the operating system that the world has been waiting for". On HCL's move to purchase the rights to the software, he said,

"We are here to ensure that Mr.Ramlal gets fair recognition and compensation for his innovation. HCL Ltd. Can provide him a firm launch-pad to market software globally".

Is this the beginning of the end of the Bill Gates' monopoly?

Let's see...

not .. Of course it is a scam , hoax , call it what you will ..
The mail about O-Yes Operating System is just another hoax. Its just a combination of, dream about how an ideal OS should work coupled with Desi feelings. The anomalies in the mail are

1. It says "every program in OS can be accessed by 2 button clik."
Its already possible in windows. Start-> Programs.
So whats the big fuss.
2. "Customisable interface"
It too already exist in almost all modern OS.
3. If something as big as O-Yes really happened, then how come it was not reported by any TV channels or it escaped the front pages of our news papers?

"The operating system is compatible with Windows 95 & WindowsNT4.0."
How can an OS be compactible with another OS. Does that O-Yes needs another OS to run? Then how could it be called an OS???

5. VII th standard student developing an OS???

6.VII th standard student is described as
" Ramlal Bhagat, described as" quiet and philosophical" "
Hey hes just a kid. How come he be philosophical!!!

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