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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fun Cool Bags

Nail Biter Bag - Don't Bite your nails
He he ! I especially like this because it's funny. It always takes a little creativity from the producers and you end up with one of these cool bags.

X-Ray Bag. Ever wanted X-Ray vision , well this bag tries to guess what's behind or not.. who cares.. it looks beautifull

ok.. I guess I'm not the only person that would like to wake up one day and enjoy a day full of babes in bikinis walking down the street and shopping in the local supermarket.. Anyway this bag could be good for a little fun. It's an X-Ray vision bag :) .

Nice bags at first. But look when you pick them up. Skipping Bags

These bags are fun as well . People will most likely love them and these bags will give you an ice breaker in all dates for sure (if you need one).

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