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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Funny - New graphical card

ATI Evil Commando PRO 128 BRD

128 MB BRD PowerColor ATI Radeon 666 Pro Multi Display Edition- AGP 8X RADEON 666 PRO Evil Commando

(Funny Picture)

Yep here it is. new ATI's new card even better than newest
X850 GT
Powered with Evil commando core which improves graphical
specs: 128 Mb BRD, but adjustable to fit your last days
AGP 8X not adjustable cos there's nothing to trade in

Avaibility: accross the Globe, in every house where's violence
Cost: Firstly you sign with your blood,then you give your soul
after 666 days workng with it,and then you're his for life

Info number: 1 - 0800 - commandoownsyou

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