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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Funny Car Model

Funny Car Models are nothing compared to this ... sure laugh if you have a funny car and don't believe me but check out this funny car photo . The car itself isn't funny but together with the spare they make the H in Humor.

Did you ever go to a car show or saw those hot car presentations where with every cool car you would see a hot photo model from a modelling school. But all of thnose models are very sexy and few make it in front of the camera and with all this they get starred at and even touched by the most curious viewers or car fans. But dispite all this it seems that the promoters of this car decided otherwise . Hot fat girl .. I mean she must be hot even if she only has that tanga right ? lol . This tops all thos funny cars out there. With that woman on the hood you will have the funniest car.

Funny Fat woman standing on a car hood photographed as part of a car ad commercial

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